About Baja Books and Maps

Jim and Judy Tolbert have lived and traveled extensively throughout the US and the world from Europe, Latin America, and Asia to the Caribbean. They operated a successful pinball and jukebox business in Berkeley, CA for over 28 years. Jim previously worked in publishing and retail book sales while Judy spent her youth sailing the seven seas.

Here is the story of how they wound up in Baja:

Baja Books and Maps is a small Baja based company borne from the love we have for the Baja peninsula and books. We first visited Baja in the 1980’s at the invitation of a friend who was setting up a restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. At that time San Jose and all of Los Cabos was a much more isolated outpost than it is today.

We fell in love with Baja and continued to visit whenever we could. In the 1990’s we bought a lot outside of San Jose in the small barrio of La Choya. A few years later, we built our small home. In the Fall of 2000, we chucked the big city life in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved fulltime to Baja. For the first couple of years, we relaxed and enjoyed the laid back life style of México.

In 2002, we hit the road vowing to explore as much of the peninsula as we could. While on the road (and off) we discovered that people were hungry for any information they could get their hands on about Baja and decided that there was a need for a good web site for books on Baja and that is where you find yourself today.

For those of us who have grown to love Baja, there is no finer place on earth. For those of you who want to learn more about this fabulous land, you have come to the right place.

If there is a book that you are interested in and do not see, please use the "suggest a title" area so it can be included in our collection.