216 pages
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
3rd edition 1997


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A Do-it Yourself Guide to the Language, Culture & Slang
by Elizabeth Reid, MA, DRe

Now in its third edition, this book is a guide to the language, culture and slang of Latin America. Humorous commentary, accompanying illustrations, and help with pronunciations highlight the "fun" learning style that this book embraces.

Excerpts: When you are viajando (vee-ah-HAHN-doh) (traveling) in Latin America there is no need to worry if your carro (KAR-ro) (car) falla (FY-yah) (breaks down, fails). There are plenty of mecanicos (may-KAH-nee-kos) (mechanics) and talleres (ty-YAIR-Rays) (repair garages).

As in the States, some are specialists. If your claxon (klak-SOHN) (horn) no pita (no PEE-tah) (doesn't honk), you'll need a taller electrico (ty-YAIR eh-LAYK-tree-ko), (auto electric shop). If your silenciador (see-len-see-ah-DOR) (muffler) is too loud, go to a taller that specializes in mofles y soldadura (MO-flays ee sol-dah-DOO-rah) (mufflers and soldering). Mofle is a little more common in the border area than silenciador, but is a "Spanglish" word.

"I literally couldn't put it down!... honestly, I think your estudiantes de espanol (spanish students) are going to love it... Besides teaching you all the essential words and phrases, it will entertain you." —Lori M. Newman, The Grapevine

"One of the best things about this book is that you can choose the subject that interests you and plunge in. ...much more than just a do-it-yourself guide to learning the language - I guarantee it won't bore you!" —Honey Sullivan Moga, Small Press Reviews

"Simple, humorous instruction (with pronunciation) for business people and tourists desiring conversational abilities." —G. Hubbard, Writer's Journal