600 pages
B&W illustrations
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Fall 2002


Ship outside US
30th Anniversary Edition
by Carl Franz

His illustrated cult classic is a trip to Mexico in and of itself, complete with the flavor of the country, and its sights, sounds, and people. In addition to the basic information necessary, Carl Franz and Lorena Havens have packed the book with amusing stories and friendly guidance. The For More Information chapter is arguably the largest and most complete guide available on Mexico internet resources, book and map reviews, and other info sources for travelers. Hundreds of thousands of people who have read The People's Guide to Mexico over the past 30 years say they wouldn't travel without it. And there are lots of people who read it for sheer pleasure -- with no intention of traveling at all!

"The best guidebook to adventure in the whole world." —Harper's

"If you're heading South, this book could be more valuable than a dictionary or Pepto Bismol." —Travel Weekly

"The People's Guide to Mexico has achieved mythical status." Outside —Outside