144 pages
75 Full-color reproductions, B&W photos
9 x 12
Pub date August 1993


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Brush of Anguish
by Martha Zamora translated by Marilyn Sode Smith

Mexican author Martha Zamora captures the essence of one of Mexico's most prolific and talented painters in a single comprehensive volume. Seventy-five of Frida Kahlo's paintings, reproduced here in lavish color, accompany numerous historical photographs and the author's descriptive text, chronicling the significant episodes in Kahlo's life, from childhood to her untimely death: the consequences and aftermath of a tragic bus accident in her adolescence; her tempestuous marriage to the great Mexican muralist Diego Rivera; her travels to the United States and abroad; her political convictions and her relationships with the great leaders and artistic personalities of her time. Kahlo's flamboyant and highly individual personal style, so eloquently reflected in her many self-portraits, has gained her an enthusiastic following worldwide. For Kahlo's many admirers, as well as for those new to her work this authoritative and richly illustrated volume will be both an excellent reference and a compelling look at her passionate and often disturbing art.

"The complexities of Kahlo's painful, joyful, notorious, and gay life are well presented in the text. . . these plates represent the best collection now available of Kahlo's work." —Library Journal